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Isabelle: Well, while you were off trapping vampires, I was uptown fighting off a Hydra demon. With Clary.
Jace: With Clary? You took her demonhunting with you? Isabelle—
Isabelle: Of course not. She was already well into the fight by the time I got there.
Jace: But how did you know—?
Isabelle: She texted me. So I went.
Jace: She texted you? Is she all right? Did she get hurt?
Isabelle: Yes, she’s bleeding to death upstairs, but I thought I’d avoid telling you right away, because I like to draw the suspense out.


goodbye Gossip Girl, 2007 - 2012

I will not ever be done. Not in a hundred years. Not in a thousand.
Cassandra Clare, Cut scene from Clockwork Princess


This is the revolution. And you’re the Mockingjay.

PAREN TODO. ¿Notaron que la ganadora de “miss universo” siempre es del planeta Tierra?


Cristina looked after Emma, her hand going to the pendant at her own throat. It was silver, in the shape of a circle with a rose inside it. The rose was wrapped around with thorny briars. Words were written in Latin on the back: she didn’t need to look at them to know them. She’d known them all…

I’m so tired of missing things I don’t have.
Just One Year, Gayle Forman (via cursive-lines)
And something tells me if it matters, maybe it shouldn’t be easy.
Gayle Forman, Just One Year (via quotes-shape-us)
There’s a difference between losing something you knew you had and losing something you discovered you had. One is a disappointment. The other feels like losing a piece of yourself.
Gayle Forman, Just One Year (via rabbitinthemoon)